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Early orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial, especially for children between the ages of 9 and 14. So, if you are curious to know if your child will need orthodontic treatment, you can bring them into our office by the time they are 7 years old!

If you bring your child into our office at an early age, your orthodontist will be able to identify any dental issues that will likely result in orthodontic care. If possible, the orthodontist will make suggestions to help your child correct the problem before any developmental problems occur. For example, if your child has thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting problems, your orthodontist will be able to suggest different ways to break the habit and save your child’s smile. Visiting the orthodontist at an early age can also give you some peace of mind as a parent. Whether your orthodontist suggest treatment or clears your child’s smile growth, you will know what to expect in the future, whether if it includes orthodontic treatment or not.

Early orthodontic treatment can also help with:

• Providing a better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
• Correcting bite problems, like an open, deep, over, or under bite
• Guiding jaw growth to accommodate emerging teeth
• Reducing the risk of damaging protruding teeth
• Improving your child’s appearance
• Creating an attractive and functional arrangement of the teeth, lips, and face
• Eliminating future dental corrections that are more invasive
• Increasing confidence and self-esteem in your child

So, if your child is 7 years old, we invite you and your child to come into our office today and visit with our friendly orthodontist. We look forward to working with you!