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Do you like your smile? Do you wish that your teeth were straighter?

Is Orthodontic treatment affordable? Is Invisalign treatment affordable?




Nyberg Orthodontics is proud to say that we are the first office in this area that is offering financing through Invisalign and Lending Point Merchant Solutions. Why is this so special? Because now patients have the option to start treatment with Invisalign for no money down and monthly payments that can be as low as about $100 per month.* Just think, for about $3.00 per day, comparable to the cost of a cup of coffee, you can have a beautiful smile with straight teeth! The smile that you have envisioned and always wanted, can be yours in a short period of time!


Now that you know that having that smile that you deserve is now affordable, what do you need to do? Call the office of Dr. Lynnette Nyberg at Nyberg Orthodontics to schedule your complimentary consultation. Did you catch that, complimentary, that means FREE! So it does not cost you any money to learn about how treatment with Invisalign can improve our smile!! At your appointment, you will meet Dr. Nyberg and she will personally discuss with you her recommendations for your Invisalign treatment. We will also review all of your financial options for your treatment, including options to receive a 5% discount for your treatment, or a 0% interest in – office payment plan, along with other options as well.


What do you need so you also can take advantage of this amazing offer? All transactions with Lending Point Merchant Solutions are done electronically, the individual that is applying for this personal loan must have a working phone number and email address, you also will need to have a valid ID. To see if you qualify for this offer, Lending Point Merchant Solutions will perform a ‘soft credit inquiry’, this will not affect your credit score. You will also know the amount of the personal loan that you are pre-qualified for. We will be able to walk you through the simple process for all other aspects of applying for this personal loan.


Invisalign invisible orthodontic alignersInvisalign treatment can be completed in approximately the same amount of time as traditional braces. As you wear each set of clear aligners that are in your series, your teeth will straighten, except without the look of braces. In just a few weeks you will be able to start to see changes to your smile. The transformation of your smile is done gradually and without much, if any, discomfort at all.


Another benefit with Invisalign is your new smile can be achieved without having to change your diet. Because the aligners are removed when you eat, you can still enjoy all the foods that you eat now. Just make sure that you have clean teeth and clean aligners when you are wearing them, so the bacteria of plaque is not trapped on your teeth, which may cause caries, or cavities.


In addition to not having to change your diet, while you are in your Invisalign treatment, you will not need to change how you brush and floss. When a patient has traditional braces, because the brackets and wires are on the teeth, brushing and flossing can be much more challenging.


Do you want to learn more about Invisalign treatment and how it can help improve your smile? If so, call the office of Dr. Lynnette Nyberg at Nyberg Orthodontics and schedule your complimentary consultation. The office phone number is (603) 749-2900 option 1.


*Monthly payment amount is affected by credit rating, amount borrowed, and length of term.