Orthodontist using the ITero 3D Digital Scanner to take virtual impressions of a patients teeth.

Increasing Accuracy in NH Orthodontics

When you visit Miller-Nyberg Orthodontics in Dover, NH for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Lynnette Nyberg and our team can use the iTero® intraoral scanner to see every corner and crevice of your smile. The scanner has replaced the need for dental impressions and helps us better evaluate your dental structure. We invite you to contact our orthodontist today to learn how your treatment can benefit from the iTero intraoral scanner in Dover, New Hampshire.

Dr. Lynnette Nyberg and our team utilize the iTero intraoral scanner to create high-quality orthodontic appliances such as Invisalign®, Herbst, palate expanders, space maintainers, and more. iTero offers precision and accuracy for our team than dental impressions and increased comfort for our patients. Specifically, iTero provides:

  • Comfort: By doing away with messy impression materials, iTero allows patients to breathe and swallow with ease and is not accompanied by a bitter aftertaste.
  • Safety: Instead of radiation, iTero uses a safe laser to generate images of your mouth.
  • Accuracy: iTero’s precision scanning allows for a better fit when you receive Invisalign or a retainer.
  • Speed: You can view the 3D scans immediately on the screen, and the lack of impressions reduces the waiting period for your Invisalign and other treatments.

If you are considering Invisalign or another orthodontic appliance, we encourage you to visit our orthodontist office and experience for yourself the benefits of the iTero intraoral scanner. You are welcome to contact Miller-Nyberg Orthodontics today at 603.749.2900 to schedule a free orthodontic exam.

ITero digital scanner takes virtual 3D impressions of your teeth.