Preventative Pediatric Orthodontics for a Healthy Smile

Nyberg Orthodontics offers pediatric orthodontist services for Dover, Durham, Somersworth, and Rochester NH as well as surrounding New Hampshire communities and parts of Southern Maine. Pediatric orthodontics is beneficial to children aged 7 or younger as a preventative treatment to ensure proper tooth and jaw development as the child grows. We accomplish this through our two-phase pediatric orthodontics treatment plan.

Why should I choose two-phase treatment?

With two-phase treatment, our pediatric orthodontist can help your child achieve a smile that is healthy, beautiful, and functional and that remains stable throughout their life. Two-phase orthodontic treatment focuses on combining teeth straightening with physical, facial changes for optimal results. Early treatment is the best choice for reaching lasting results. We encourage you to bring your child to Nyberg Orthodontics for a pediatric orthodontic evaluation and consultation by the age of 7 to make certain they receive the treatment they need for optimal results.

Phase One

The aim of Phase One is to help the jaw develop in a way to accommodate all of the permanent teeth as they grow in. This can help avoid the need for extractions later in life. Phase One also works to help the upper and lower jaws fit together better. Children often show signs of early jaw problems because of a jaw that is growing too much or is too narrow. Phase One treatment allows us to make needed changes as early as possible to ensure optimal results later in life with a decreased need for more invasive treatment.

Resting Period

The resting period between Phase One and Phase Two allows the permanent teeth to erupt with some freedom of movement. Phase One has ensured that there is proper room for the permanent teeth to erupt, which helps to prevent crowded, impacted, and displaced teeth. Dr. Lynnette Nyberg will continue to monitor your child’s teeth during the resting period.

Phase Two

During Phase Two, our goal is make certain that each tooth has an exact, ideal location where it is in harmony with the other teeth, as well as with the tongue, lips, and cheeks. When this is accomplished, the teeth and jaws function together properly. This phase of pediatric orthodontic treatment usually includes both upper and lower braces. Following Phase Two, your child will have a beautiful, healthy, and functional smile!

If you are interested in learning more about two-phase pediatric orthodontic treatments in Dover, New Hampshire, we welcome you to contact Nyberg Orthodontics at 603.749.2900. We look forward to improving your child’s smile!